Employment in North Dakota

Having an understanding of the employment law in North Dakota will help ensure that you are always aware of your rights. If you do not make yourself aware of the employment laws in your state then you will leave yourself at the mercy of your employers. While many North Dakota employers always treat their employees with respect and consideration, others take advantage of their employee's lack of employment law knowledge.

Employment Hiring Laws

There are employment laws in North Dakota designed to help all individuals looking for a job get hired without fear of discrimination. Even though federal law gives employers the right to hire a candidate that is less qualified than other applicants, North Dakota law makes sure that employers do not attempt to overlook a potential candidate based on personal reasons.

To ensure that all candidates are given a fair opportunity the employment law in North Dakota only allows employers ask questions that are directly related to job performance. This means employers cannot ask candidates about their children, pregnancies, married life, or anything else that is personal including birth dates.

North Dakota Employment Contracts

Employers in North Dakota have the right to create contracts for their employees. These contracts specify the company's rules and regulations. They also have the right to distribute employee handbooks but law does not require handbooks. Unless otherwise specified employers in North Dakota have their employees operate under an "at will" contract.

This contract allows the employer to terminate employment with any person as long as they have reasonable cause. Most North Dakota employers will outline reasonable reasons for termination in handbooks or other documentation. An employer in North Dakota cannot terminate an employee for personal, non-work related, reasons.

Employee Safety Laws

The state of North Dakota has safety consultants available that can go to any employers business and outline potential safety hazards. Employers are not required to take advantage of these services and are not required to make any changes recommended by the consultant. The consultant only has the authority to make suggestions and the employer and can choose whether or not they should take the suggestions into account.

If an employee does become hurt on the job, or even killed, then they have the right to receive compensation. There are usually predetermined monetary amounts for treatment or compensation based upon the seriousness of the injury. In the event an employee is fatally injured his or her dependants are usually eligible to receive compensation from the North Dakota employer.

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