Employment in Missouri

Employment laws on both the federal and state levels should be reviewed when considering employment in Missouri. These laws determine what an employer may base their hiring decisions on, safety requirements a workplace needs to have, and among other things what an employee is entitled to if injured on or by the job.

Hiring Process for Employment in Missouri

Many potential employees know that an interviewer for a job is not allowed to ask questions about one's sexual orientation, marriage status, or religious views. Employers in Missouri are also barred from asking whether an employee has been arrested or ask for one's age unless it would be illegal for the employer to hire a minor. Situations where the latter is the case can include working in adult entertainment, an establishment that sells cigarettes or a place that serves alcohol.

If an employee has had previous employment in Missouri or other states, a new employer may contact previous employers for references. Previous employers may give any information that is truthful, but most employers will simply give the time period the employee worked for the company and their wages during that time period. Job applicants should make sure they have the same time frame as their previous employer when providing resumes so there are no discrepancies.

Workplace Safety Concerns

It is important to feel safe at work and potential employees should know about the Missouri Workers' Safety Program before seeking employment in Missouri. Employees can expect to have a safe work environment that is free of known and potential hazards. If an employee feels there is a dangerous work environment, they can make an anonymous complaint to a state agency without repercussions from their employer. The Missouri Workers' Safety Program is a program that helps employees find ways to reduce accidents in the workplace and also offer advice on work safety.

Worker's Compensation Law in Missouri

Some jobs will have a certain level of hazards and dangers at the workplace, such as power plants and construction companies. Missouri workers' compensation laws are meant to take care of an employee or an employee's family when an employee has been injured or killed at the workplace. The Missouri workers' compensation laws only apply to employers who have five or more employees, but employers with under five employees may chose to have compensation programs set up for their employees. When an employee is injured on the job or has a work related illness, the employee may be eligible to have their hospital expenses covered as well as pay for lost wages

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