Employment in Maine

There are a number of situations that can arise that can leave you suddenly without income. Whether it's due to a sudden and unexpected termination or layoff, an accident at work that causes serious injury, or needing to care for a loved one who has fallen ill, having no income is undoubtedly a stressful situation. How will you pay your bills and provide for your family? Fortunately, laws for employment in Maine protect against this problem. Due to the protection afforded by unemployment, worker's compensation, and the Family and Medical Leave Act, you can rest easier while you're out of work.

Benefits from Unemployment

Unemployment benefits are awarded to employees who are terminated through no fault of their own. It can also apply to workers who terminate their own employment purposely and with good cause. Unemployment benefits from employment in Maine are handled by the state, and certain criteria must be met in order to receive these benefits.

Aside from establishing in your claim that you were terminated for no reason or laid off, you also must have made enough money in the quarters prior to termination. Those who earned more money are eligible for more benefits. Unemployment benefits can last for a year, but generally will not have to, as during this time you should be actively seeking a new job with the help of a local unemployment office.

Worker's Compensation Benefits

Worker's compensation is compensation received by an employee after an accident has injured or killed him or her. Depending on the severity of the injury, different benefits will be afforded. For a minor injury that will heal, expect to have your medical expenses covered and to receive pay for the time you miss. For more serious injuries that result in partial or total permanent disability, longer-term benefits will be awarded. In the case of death, survivors of the employee may also be entitled to benefits.

Using the Family and Medical Leave Act

The Family and Medical Leave act comes into play when you must abandon your employment in Maine to tend to the medical needs of yourself or your family. Provided that you've worked for the employer for a year prior, you are generally entitled to 12 weeks worth of unpaid leave to tend to medical problem. While you don't earn wages during this period, you do maintain your current benefits status and are guaranteed the same position when you return to work. This act will help you focus on the problem at hand rather than worrying about work.

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