Employment in Kentucky

Finding a job in Kentucky can sometimes feel like a full time job itself. Once you've secured employment in Kentucky, the last thing you want to do is lose your job! There are a lot of ways that losing your job can happen. Most employment in Kentucky is considered "at-will," which means that the employer can terminate you at any time for any reason.

That sounds worse than it is, however - the employer still has to define standards of conduct before they can fire you fire for them. In addition, employers certainly can't fire you for refusing to do something illegal, filing a claim against them, or for taking a legitimate leave of absence as defined by the Family and Medical Leave act. It's important to know for what reasons you lose your employment in Kentucky, and this guide will outline some common causes.

Read the Employee Handbook

The simplest way to avoid termination of employment in Kentucky is to read the employee handbook provided by your employer. While not all employers will provide a handbook, the majority should give you at least a basic one that details on expected conduct of the employee. By paying close attention to what the employer expects from you, you can avoid situations that might result in termination.

Avoiding Sexual Harassment

Most employee handbooks feature a section on sexual harassment. This is a major problem in workplaces across the country, and its important to understand just what sexual harassment means. There are a number of things that fall under the umbrella of sexual harassment, such as an employee making sexual advances toward another employee, a boss trading promotions or other work-related benefits for sexual conduct, and creating a hostile work environment that makes others uncomfortable. Employers can be held liable for sexual harassment, so committing it a guaranteed way to lose your employment in Kentucky.

Termination and Unemployment

Most of the time, when you lose a job due to something that you've actively done in spite of the employer's policies, you can't receive unemployment benefits. If you lose your employment in Kentucky do to sexual harassment or other misconduct, you risk being left high and dry with no income until you can secure a new job. Of course, finding new employment in Kentucky will be all the more difficult with such a bad mark on your record.

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