Employment in Illinois

While no company is made by law to provide an employee handbook, you should ask your employer if there is one available. This is to inform you of your rights and obligations as well as those of your employer. Your barebones handbook should include information about the company's policy on sexual harassment, equal employment and opportunity policies. It should also give you information about the Family Medical Leave Act as well as providing a policy on the use of Internet access, email, and voicemail capabilities.

A handbook can offer you some security and give you an idea of what type of behavior the company expects. It will also help you know if your employer is violating some aspect of the handbook in such a way that you are at a disadvantage. Because of these mutual advantages, many employers voluntarily provide employee handbooks.

Safety in the Illinois Workplace

You deserve to be able to work in an environment that is reasonably free from deadly or injurious hazards. To that end, the Illinois Safety Inspection and Education Act has been put in practice to help workplaces measure up to the federal and state standards of health and safety.

Sexual harassment should not happen in the workplace. This takes place when an employer offers benefits of the job in return for sexual favors or conduct. It can also happen through sexual advances or remarks from the employer, or when an employer allows a sexual work environment to continue.

You must file the sexual harassment claim no later than 180 days after the incident occurred. This holds true even if you are working on an internal or union-based method. You should definitely seek the guidance of a licensed attorney due to the many laws that explain how sexual harassment is defined. The attorney can help you learn whether or not your claim will hold up in court.

The Family Medical Leave Act

You can take up to 12 weeks off from work by making use of the Family Medical Leave Act. If your employer does interstate business and provides jobs for at least 50 people for no less than 20 weeks per year, it is required to offer FMLA benefits. Governments and agencies, whether they are state, federal, or local, are also required to offer this benefit.

You must fulfill a few requirements before you can take a leave of absence through the FMLA. You must have an employment history with the current employer of at least 12 months, have spent at least 1250 hours working in the past year, and be covered by an employer who is covered.

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