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When seeking an employment attorney, individuals clearly have dispute or concern regarding their current, past, or potential employment. First and foremost, by speaking with an employment attorney, attorney-client privilege laws in place mandate the utmost privacy in all these matters, and in turn, individuals seeking employment attorney consultation can take confidence in receiving virtually no retaliatory actions from employers learning of this decision. An employment attorney will field any questions regarding an individual's employment, as well as answer all these questions to the letter of the law and the rights of each employee. Every employment dispute case is unique, and in addition, each employment attorney will utilize their own process for determining the next appropriate action for making sure clients keep their employment rights.

A variety of issues pertain to employment attorneys and their ability to get clients the rights they are afforded according to employment laws in the United States.

Some common areas of concern for persons seeking the counsel of an employment attorney include:

  • Employment agreements and contracts
  • Minimum wage, overtime, and other federal labor law violations
  • Breeches of non-disclosure and trade secret clauses
  • Violations of non-compete agreements
  • Safety and health concerns
  • Whistle blowing activities
  • Wrongful or unfair dismissal
  • Child labor law violations
  • Racial, gender, orientation or age discrimination
  • Union or trade employment disputes

Though each state and municipality sets forth their own unique labor and employment laws, the statutes, legislation, and laws set forth by the federal government, under the direction of the Bureau of Labor, take precedent over all laws concerning the private and public sectors of employment. Additionally, the federal government is continually enhancing and introducing new legislation to combat large-scale problems in employment as they arise. Contemporary issues that an employment attorney stays abreast with and addresses, in conjunction with any and all new legislation from Congress and the Bureau of Labor, includes such issues as minimum wage increases, immigrant employment, and the rights of illegal immigrants in the American workforce.

Since the mid-1940's employment attorneys have been faced with new legislation by the federal government that changes the spectrum of employee's rights and employer responsibilities. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was instrumental in allocating equal employment rights for all races, genders, sexual orientations, and religions. However, the United State's Bureau of Labor still regularly intervenes in numerous cases each and every year that show an employment attorney's client has had their civil right violated. Another organization, the Occupation Safety and Health Administration is the arm of the federal government that ensures workers' safety and health are always promoted in working environments, conditions, and directions. This organization sees thousands upon thousands of cases brought to their attention by victimized employees through their concerns voiced by an employment attorney. For companies violating these policies, the compensation for victims can prove large and the penal sanctions placed on companies can be very large as well.

The Fair Labor Standards Act is another piece of national legislation that employers must follow in dealing with and compensating their employees. Employment attorneys will help clients investigate claims in regards to violations of this federal law including unpaid overtime, child labor concerns, and minimum wage violations. Recent cases of violations of this act have often included immigrants to the United States seeking employment. Regardless of their immigration status, an employment attorney can help any employee, whether currently employed or terminated, who feels their rights were violated. In addition, compensation for rights violations, unlawful termination, and other misdeeds by an employer can be pursued in the civil courts for compensatory and punitive fiscal damages.

Sometimes, employers will attempt to violate, breech, or unlawfully coerce employees into signing employment agreements that include unfair or illegal terms. Typically, an employment agreement contract may include terms such as non-disclosure, non-compete, and other clauses relating to the ownership of intellectual property such as developments, designs, copyrights, trademarks, or material produced. By consulting an employment attorney prior to signing any documents or even entering into an oral agreement, employees can protect their current and future rights as laborers. Additionally, disputes often arise following the termination of an employee in regards to their legal rights to work elsewhere and if severance compensation is owed to them. Depending on the conditions of each unique circumstance, an employment attorney will be able to make sure all the rights you deserve are upheld.

Do you or someone you love need counsel with an employment attorney? Contact an employment attorney today to make sure your employment rights are not being violated.

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