Employment in Arizona

An employee is hired at-will when they are hired without a contract. This type of employment allows you to be terminated from the job at any time as long as the employer's reason is legal. This means you cannot be fired because of your age, sex, race, religion, country of origin, pregnancy, or disability. However, if you have a contract job, you may not be terminated for any reason that is not specifically noted in the contract itself, even if the reason would otherwise be legal. A contract is your protection against being suddenly terminated.

Injuries on the Job

If you are hurt while working, you can possibly be compensated by your employer. The laws about workers' compensation are meant to help you gain compensation without having to go through a legal battle.

No matter who caused your injury, you are eligible for workers' compensation as long as the injury occurred due to some aspect of your job. Some instances will only allow you to receive help with medical expenses and a limited time during which you can collect compensation. In other instances, you can be re-trained for your job and collect compensation on a permanent basis.

A scheduled injury is an injury to a certain body part. Under the Arizona Workers' Compensation Law, you will be paid an amount that has already been decided. The amount will depend on which body part was injured. If you receive an unscheduled injury, this means that you have been injured in a more general way, and can include injury to separate body parts or an ongoing pattern of permanent injuries. No matter which type of injury you have, you will be paid each month.

Time Off For Medical Reasons

Under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), you are entitled to as many as 12 weeks off from work if you meet certain conditions. You must be taking leave in order to either care for a family member who is sick, injured, or in a compromised medical state or to spend time with a new baby, a foster child, or an adopted child. You will still have insurance coverage and are guaranteed to be given your original job position when you return.

You will only be eligible if you have worked for the present company for at least 12 months and have spend at least 1,250 hours on the job. Your company must be one that does interstate commerce and has at least 50 employees that are working for no fewer than 20 weeks each year. All federal, local, and state positions in agencies or governments are covered.

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