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Many of our clients are very concerned with their driving privileges and their ability to drive if they have been charged with a DUI, this is even more of a concern if the person's livelihood is directly related to their ability to drive. If you or a love one has or posses a CDL license being arrested for DUI can be a very intimidating and nervous time in their lives. A CDL by definition authorizes the holder of the license to operate certain types and classes of commercial vehicles. By definition possessing a "Commercial Vehicle" is basically any vehicle that would require the operator to have a Class A or Class B operators license, or in some cases a Class C if that person is cleared and authorized in the transportation of hazardous materials. If you are a Commercial Driver then the State of California will hold you to a higher level of professional standard. In the California Vehicle Code 23152(d): Specifically address that a person who has a CDL license cannot operate with a BAC over .04% or higher while in physical control of a commercial vehicle. If a Commercial Driver is convicted of either: A) In physical control of a commercial vehicle with a BAC over .04% OR B) Driving ANY vehicle while under the influence of Alcohol with a BAC of .08% or greater, then he/she would lose their CDL for a period of at least a minimum of one year and depending on the persons prior arrest and DUI records possibly for life. The first step is scheduling a DMV hearing within the first 10 days of the arrest to assure that you will be given a DMV hearing date and to request the DMV to stay the suspension and to ask for a discovery packet. Within usually 1 to 3 weeks we will receive a discovery packet, which will include the police report, and this will be the first opportunity to discuss the facts of the case as they relate to a DMV Hearing. The DMV will assign a hearing officer who will conduct the hearing usually telephonic or in some cases in person and make a determination based upon the evidence whether or not the persons ability to operate a motor vehicle will be suspended. Following the hearing the Administrator Law Judge will review the case and send out a notice of Facts and Findings usually within about 10 to 15 days with the DMV's decisions on the status of the hearing.

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