DUI vs. Wet and Reckless

Driving under the influence is a serious charge filed against motorists that are above the legal limit of intoxication, while wet and reckless is a charge used in plea deals for motorists involved in DUI cases. The act of operating a vehicle, bicycle, boat, plane, or horse while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is a crime across the board in the United States. The operating of the transportation methods occurs after the consumption of drugs or alcohol, and it is a criminal offense in the United States of America. Driving under the influence causes thousands of deaths on the roadways each year as well as thousands of injuries on the roadways each year. Checkpoints are positioned all throughout the country during the holiday travel season, the summer, and during major sporting events to cut down on drunk driving and hopefully reduce the amount of accidents caused by drunk drivers. Wet and reckless is a plea to a charge of reckless driving that was alcohol related. Wet and reckless is a plea used to reduce the charge of drunk driving when the amount of blood alcohol was borderline illegal, there was no accident, and there is no prior record for the driver of the motor vehicle.

Benefits of Wet Wreckless Charges vs. DUI

The result of pleading wet and reckless is a lesser fine, no jail time, and no record of a drunk driving conviction. The law does state that if there is a subsequent drunk driving conviction the wet and reckless will have to be considered a prior drunk driving conviction. This will result in a sentence required for a second conviction of drunk driving under the laws of the country. When motorists plea the lesser charge of wet and reckless they are essentially putting their record on the line and in the hands of the government now. Once they plead the wet and reckless charge the motorist pretty much has a prior on their record if they are pulled over again for driving under the influence. If they are not pulled over for driving under the influence than the wet and reckless plea will not be considered a prior.

DUI Statistics

Roughly 17,000 people die each year on the roads of the United States as a result of drunk driving accidents. The people that die are drunk driver themselves, passengers, other motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists. The number of deaths from drunk driving represents roughly 41 percent of all deaths on the United States roads each year. More than 500,000 people are injured each year on United States roads as a result of drunk driving accidents. Anyone that has a blood alcohol content level of .01 or higher is considered to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Driving under the influence charges come with stiff penalties and fines. Fines can be in the thousands of dollars, an offender can serve jail time, insurance rates will increase and if they are convicted on multiple counts of driving under the influence the motorist might also have their drivers license revoked for a period of time.

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