DUI in Vermont

If you have been caught with a DUI in Vermont then it is very unfortunate for you. A DUI carries with it some very heavy punishments. Even more importantly, countless people die every year due to DUI. But you aren't here to be preached at, you're here to learn the basic facts on the subject of DUI and what can happen to you if you are caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the state of Vermont.

Vermont DUI Penalties Snapshot

Court Fines Potential Jail Time License Suspension
1st Conviction $750 Up to 2 Years Min. 90 Days
2nd Conviction $1,500 Up to 2 Years 18 Months
3rd Conviction $2,500 Up to 5 Years
Possibly Permanent

Two different kinds of cases

First of all, when you are caught with a DUI in Vermont you will be charged with two separate cases. You will be charged with a criminal trial and you will be charged by the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles to determine whether or not you will lose your license. Therefore, as soon as you have been arrested for a DUI, make sure that you request a hearing from the Department of Motor Vehicles as failure to do so will cost you your license for a period of time determined by the DMV.

Two different theories of law

DUI in Vermont relies on two different theories that it may base its case upon. These two theories are the "per se" theory and the impairment theory. It is important that you understand that these two methods are very different. The impairment theory is used when the driver of a vehicle is determined to be mentally or physical impaired due to the use of drugs or alcohol. By definition, this is a DUI. The government has different factors that it will use in order to determine this such as: slurred speech, irregular driving pattern, physical signs and symptoms, field sobriety tests, and chemical tests.

The "per se" method is determined by the blood alcohol content of the driver. It doesn't take into consideration the physical or mental symptoms of the driver whatsoever; if the person's blood alcohol rating is of .08 percent of higher, then they are immediately determined to be a DUI.

Punishment for a DUI in Vermont

There are many different punishments or combination of punishments that you may receive if you are caught with a DUI in Vermont. The first thing you need to know is that in the state of Vermont, DUI convictions are priorable, in other words the punishment for them gets tougher for repeated offenses. Possible punishments include fines, prison, alternatives to prison, loss of license, community service, and even losing your vehicle.

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