DUI Defense and Consequences

DUI can be described in a variety of terms including Driving under the Influence, Driving While Intoxicated, Drunk Driving, and Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated. This offense is a common one across the country today but the consequences are not as common as the crime. Some of the DUI consequences include the loss of all driving privileges, probation, and jail time. All of these consequences can affect the rate of your insurance as well as the possibility of making a living. The most critical aspect of a DUI case is to find an attorney who knows the laws inside and out and who will aggressively fight for you in a court of law. Other attorneys out there will just take your money and tell you to plead guilty while the best DUI attorneys will work their hardest to find the best defense for your case.

Working with a Local DUI Lawyer

A typical DUI case is handled in the jurisdiction that the arrest was initially made. Depending on your circumstances, working with a privately hired attorney from the jurisdiction where the judicial proceedings will occur is essential. Not only do these dui criminal defense attorney know all existing technicalities surrounding DUI arrests in their county, but also additionally, these attorneys may personally know the prosecutor, the arresting officer, or the judge presiding over your case. Having this asset is huge when negotiating a favorable plea agreement, or even, probing all aspects of your case for a potential grounds for dui dismissal.

DUI Costs

Many people only think of the DUI cost, when considering hiring an attorney when they are dealing with the charge of DUI on their still clear DUI record, but other costs and penalties stemming from a DUI conviction on your record can occur. Aside from criminal fines, court costs, and legal fees, persons convicted of a DUI charge face further financial fallout from their actions immediately after arrest. Read more to learn about the real cost of a DUI charge.

The Real Expense of DUI

The costs of DUI can invade almost every aspect of an individual's life well into the future. Some costs and penalties in Idaho include the following:

  • The loss of all driving privileges will make it difficult to earn a living
  • The driver will need to have high-risk insurance (SR-22) for at least three years. This insurance is double the regular rate. Reinstatement fees must be paid to receive driving privileges following the completion of your suspension
  • The loss of income is affected by jail time and probation and treatment costs must be paid for up to two years
  • There is a stigma associated with having a DUI on your record including having trouble obtaining or keeping a job and some career fields will not let you enter at all after being charged with a DUI.

DUI Attorney Fees

It is difficult to know and understand the difficulty of your DUI case without first knowing all of the facts. The cost of a DUI case will be discussed when attorneys meet with you for a consultation. Without fully investigating and understanding your case, some attorneys will read the police report, take your money, and tell you to plead guilty. A good attorney will take time to perform a thorough investigation, understand the case, and come up with a defense strategy that works for your situation. Our attorneys will sift through all of the evidence available that will help your case and then file the appropriate pretrial motions with the court. You deserve the best DUI defense attorneys around, because you work hard for your money. DUI consequences are incredibly serious and an attorney can help you defend your case.

The information provided in this article only applies to the area of Southeast Idaho, where Mr. Cutler and the Cutler Law Office, P.A. practice.

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