DUI and Insurance Rates

The long term effects of a DUI conviction include the loss of driving privileges for a period of time but also the increase of the motorist's insurance rates as well. Even though most insurance companies will more than likely raise the rates of the offender's insurance policy, the raised rates will be the least of the offender's worries. Some insurance companies might not raise the rates because they decide to revoke their coverage of the motorist and not offer coverage to the motorist any longer. The Insurance Information Institute estimates that there is an alcohol related traffic fatality every 29 minutes on the roads of the United States. If a motorist has been convicted of DUI they will more than likely need to fill out an SR 22 Form with their insurance company and carry it with them in their vehicle for at least three years following the conviction.

DUI Insurance & Driving Record Reprecussions

It is possible that a DUI conviction may never make it to a motorist's driving record because insurance companies usually look at a motorist's record only once every three years or if the motorist is applying for a new policy. If an insurance company discovers that a motorist has been convicted of a DUI they will regard the driver as a high risk driver. Motorists that have their policies canceled should begin to shop around for a new policy during renewal time but having the double whammy on their record for a DUI conviction and a policy cancellation can aid other insurance companies in deciding not to cover the motorist.

If an insurance company does not cancel the account of a motorist convicted of a DUI they will raise the rates for coverage so much that the motorist might not even be able to afford the coverage. This would force the motorist to cancel their own insurance policy and begin to shop around for a new one. Don't forget, it is illegal to drive on the roads of the United States without auto insurance. Motorists can have their vehicles towed on the spot when pulled over if they cannot provide proof of insurance to an officer. Not all states have this law but some of them do. Being convicted of a DUI has a ton of repercussions that affect not only a motorist's driving privileges but also their insurance coverage and the laws that they could be breaking if they were to drive without any auto insurance coverage.

Sometimes, in some states, the government will require a motorist convicted of a DUI to carry high risk insurance even if they are not legally allowed to drive because of the conviction. The insurance that must be carried is a condition of a driver's license reinstatement if the motorist wishes to have his or her driver's license reinstated after the revocation period instituted by the government. Anyone that has been charged with DUI should consult a DUI attorney immediately to keep insurance rates down and to ensure that their legal rights are not obstructed in a court of law.

If you need more information, consult with a DUI Attorney, they will be able to walk you through the entire process and answer all your questions.

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