Staying Healthy During Divorce

Divorce for most parties involves a major upheaval in life. The pressure of being single, with a single parent's responsibility for your children's transition, including a possible relocation, can leave you drained emotionally, feeling isolated and depressed.

Keeping yourself healthy, physically and emotionally, during a divorce is challenging. During the upheaval, maintaining your well-being sometimes ranks last among all the many things being thrown at you. However, it's important that you deal with your emotions to remain productive and stay healthy during the divorce process. After all, your future depends on it. Below are some tips to help along the way.

Don't fall into an isolated rut.

You may have feelings of loneliness. Friendships may change, since some of a couple's friends may be taking one side or the other. To counter some of these feelings, call on your closest friends and others, who have gone through the divorce process, to act as a support group. During this time, you need to look forward with hope to a better life. Hope is essential and healthy.

Take care of your needs.

During the divorce process, you may forget- or think you are too busy- to take care of yourself. But, now is the time to eat healthy and sleep enough. Take a walk; go to the gym; or do whatever lifts your spirits, clears your mind, or makes you feel your best again. Most importantly, make room for fun and organize your schedule to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Try to see the lighter side of the situation.

Don't let sadness become your default emotion. Try to find humor in life by putting a funny spin on some of your problems. Keep in mind that things will get better as time goes on. Once you get through the initial stages of divorce, your life will improve to the point that you will be free from your marriage and in the position to start your life anew.

Source: 3 Ways to Stay Healthy During a Divorce, by Barbara Greenberg, PhD,

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