The Top Mistakes Made During a Divorce

Learn about mistakes that can make your divorce case overly complicated and messy.

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The path to securing a divorce is a challenging legal process that tests the emotional stability of all involved parties. A few poor choices and mistakes can make a difficult situation even more trying. Some of these mistakes can derail an otherwise amicable divorce, leaving you in a messy situation.

1. Keeping Information Private

Sometimes, the people involved in a divorce forget that their attorney is trying to help them. If you withhold crucial information from your attorney, your chances of getting fair treatment may decrease significantly. Even the smallest tidbit of information can change your case and potentially lead you into legal trouble. It's always best to be completely upfront with your divorce attorney.

2. Letting Emotions Run the Show

There is no question that a divorce can challenge the emotions of even the toughest person. However, it's in your best interest to keep your emotions in check. To reach a successful compromise with your spouse, you need to set aside your emotions and deal with each issue logically. Once the divorce is settled, you can let your emotions run freely.

3. Taking a Backseat Ride

If you let your spouse and other participants in the divorce proceedings handle everything without your input, you may run into some uncomfortable surprises. Taking an active role in your divorce may open you up to more stress and emotional pain, but you need to at least consult with your lawyer regularly. If you don't understand a step in the process, talk to your lawyer about it. To get the best result from your divorce proceedings, you need to ensure that your lawyer knows what you want.

4. Ignoring the Options

During your divorce proceedings, some options may seem more odious than others. However, if you want the best possible outcome, you must resist the temptation to dismiss the options you don't like. If the option to mediate arises, you should at least attempt it. Mediation might not result in the end of all your issues, but it may save you from dealing with a judge on some points.

5. Taking the Wrong Approach with Children

If you and your spouse have children, your divorce will be more difficult. During the divorce proceedings, you might feel tempted to turn your children against your spouse. If you want a fair outcome and a workable relationship with your spouse in the future, you must resist this urge. Divorce is already painful enough for children without having each parent demonize the other parent.

6. Impossible Expectations

If you set your expectations too high for the outcome of your divorce, you may be in for a shocking conclusion. You likely can't expect the judge to give you full custody of your children and your house. Instead, try to keep fairness in your mind as you talk to your lawyer about your expectations. Unless there are some extraordinary circumstances in your case, your spouse also deserves a fair outcome from your divorce.

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