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In 1962 Neal Sedaka sang a song entitled "Breaking up is Hard to Do". The song immediately hit the top of the charts and is regarded by many as Mr. Sedaka's "calling card".

The song details a man's desperation to hold on to a relationship that is over. This happens frequently in both professional and personal settings.

Regardless of the foundation of the relationship, many people don't like to "start over". They'd rather stay in a bad relationship than to start a new relationship.

Personal Relationships

In personal situations, this often involves tremendous emotional attachments that are painful to sever. If one person doesn't want to end the relationship and the other does, desperation can set in. Feelings of abandonment, betrayal and anger are very common. In extreme situations, this can lead to the issuance of restraining orders and manipulation of children; "Daddy, Mommy said she still loves you but you don't love her any more" or "Mommy, Daddy said he can't read us a bedtime story because you won't let him come over". These types of behavior are very harmful to the children and will more often than not cause more damage to the relationship that the non-leaving party wishes to restore.

Professional Relationship

In professional situations, the damage is far different. Many professionals, especially those who are working for themselves, would rather keep a "trouble" client than let that person go. This could be an insecurity or it could be a genuine desire to try to "save the world" one individual at a time.

Universal Truth

In either situation, however, the bottom line is clear: You can't keep someone against their will. In the professional environment, if a client wants to leave, you may not want them to, but you can't force them to stay. Once that relationship is damaged, it is very difficult to repair.

While letting go may be difficult, it is often necessary and the best thing for all involved. This definitely holds true in both professional and personal relationships.

If you have a relationship that is ending, either professionally or personally, and you need assistance or advice in tending to this, please do not hesitate to call 818-888-1144.

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