Workers Compensation Laws in West Virginia

There may be a time when you are injured while on the job. In some instances, you may be unable to work due to being permanently disabled. There are employers within West Virgina who are able to offer special employment for a job that you can do even though you are disabled. This is a great boon to disabled individual who wish to continue to work and be useful, providing for his or her family while keeping their pride.

In some instances, you are unable to return to your former place of work due to now being disabled. Special employment is a way of providing work for you and allowing your employer a chance to fill the void you left. Not many states offer this as part of their workers compensation package. West Virginia is ahead of other states, as they have had to work closely with employees who have been through a number of serious and life altering injuries.

Limits on Attorney Fees

Within West Virgina, you are given the right to have an attorney assist you with your workers compensation. A lawyer can help you proceed with a number of different aspects of your injury and even represent you in court if it becomes necessary to do so. In addition, West Virginia places a restriction on all attorneys; no one is allowed to ask for more than 20% of the monies awarded for damages incurred. This prevents a high loss to the employee and prevents the lawyers from requesting excessive damages.

Financial Assistance

If you are injured while on your job, you are allowed financial assistance that is a certain percentage of your weekly salary, which you would have received had you not been injured. This is mandatory for your employer to provide for as long as you are out of work recuperating, or if a previous agreement has been met. Usually this will provide you with financial assistance long enough for you to find alternate work or return to your original job.

Disability Benefits

If you are disabled, you are also entitled to disability benefits. These benefits will assist you in coping with your disability, especially if you are unable to find work as a result. In addition, this will also provide you with medical assistance in helping you to heal from the accident in which your disability occurred. In some cases, you may even be able to reverse the disability, which occurred.

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