Workers Compensation Laws in Washington

In Washington State, workers compensation laws have a few added bonuses. For instance, you have an "injured workers forum" where you can log in and discuss situations with other individuals who are injured or who were injured, having gone through the same process you are going through now. They can offer helpful advice and even point out pitfalls to avoid. This information and advice can be invaluable, especially if you are trying to care for your family after an accident.

In addition, there are a number of links and other services available, which can be used while you are handling the process of workers compensation. This information will further assist you and provide you a clear direction in which to pursue your needs. You will also find numbers and officers are easier to reach as this information is more readily available than in other states.


You are entitled to an attorney and can have up to 30% of an attorney's fees paid for by Washington State. Being able to use the services of an attorney for workers compensation is a right you are granted by the workers compensation law, and you are able to request his or her services at any point in time during the process. When you choose an attorney, choose one for his or her experience in order for you to receive the highest quality assistance.

Always make copies of documents pertaining to your injury and keep your attorney and employer updated constantly. This will prevent errors and costly delays. In addition, you are required by law to update your employer of your progress for your health and other considerations. This includes and pertinent medical information. In addition, this information should be signed and verified by your doctor.

Understand the Laws

It is important to understand the workers compensation laws, what they can do for you, and how to utilize them. These laws have been created to assist you in time of injury and to prevent any undue hardships from being placed upon you or your family. The laws state that when you are injured, you have the right to insist your employer provide for you during this time, both financially and medically.

These laws can help feed your family during the time you are injured, covering your medical bills, and allowing you to have the time you need to heal and improve.

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