Workers Compensation Laws in Virginia

Injuries on the job happen all too frequently. As careful as each of us can be, eventually something is going to happen, whether it is due to something we do or the actions of another around us. Regardless of who is responsible, when an accident occurs it is an unfair situation. The workers compensation laws in Vorginia were created to assist us during these unfair situations, and help us make ends meet plus giving us the financing we need to have proper care within a hospital.

The Virginia workers compensation laws were also created to help employers protect themselves from being sued. By signing a document stating you will accept workers compensation, the employer can make it an addendum that you will not sue the company. In many cases, this is more than worth the price of compensation to employers. However, be certain you review all paperwork before you sign any of these documents in order for you to best represent your interests.

Being Entitled to Your Rights

You are entitled to workers compensation if you are injured on the work scene, or when doing work related activities. This is a federal law, which protects your rights, and is not able to be overturned by an employer. This law will provide you money for medical assistance and to live off of until you are able to return to work. If you are unable to return to work as you are permanently disfigured, there will be a provision allowing you to live off of the benefits for some time until either 1) the benefits run out or 2) you are able to find an alternate source of income.

When you sign any document for your employer, be careful that you do not give up your Virginia workers compensation rights. Although it is impossible for an employer to overturn the law, it is possible to adjust it so that he or she does not have to go beyond a certain period to assist you. If you wish to receive the full benefits, verify you are not singing anything that will do this to your rights.

Protecting Yourself

If you are injured, always document everything that occurs from the time of your injury right up to the day you return to work. Be sure to fill out the appropriate forms stating you had an accident with your employer. Doing this will protect your rights and ensure you continue to receive what is owed to you.

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