Workers Compensation Laws in Indiana

The workers compensation laws of Indiana are very advanced and employee oriented. The state government works very hard trying to give everything an employee will need by focusing on individual needs and working that into an entire program. Each aspect of the program focuses on assisting the employee in obtaining medical and financial support sooner rather than later. Employers are also expected to go through a rigorous filing system that will ensure they understand their obligations and why it is important to provide the employees with the care they need.

Indiana Payment Schedule

The state of Indiana tries to give a payment schedule for when employees and employees must perform certain actions or face penalties. These payment schedules allow each individual to keep on track and if an employer fails to provide the support that he or she is required to by law, will face penalties from the state. This also encourages employees to file when they should or risk losing their benefits.

There are multiple different levels to this system, including when you should notify the state of your injury. In addition, it states that by a certain date you should have begun to receive compensation what transpired. If these conditions are not met, the state itself begins to take action to attempt to resolve the situation. At times, this may mean the state will penalize one or the other party for lack of action. If you are ever uncertain of this payment schedule, you may contact the main office for further details.

Residual Asbestos Injury Fund

The purpose of the fund was to provide funding for employees who were injured while working with or around asbestos. Many of these individuals became partially or fully disabled. This fund will help with medical costs and cover some portion of the employee's income that is being missed due to the asbestos.

Asbestos itself can cause mesothelioma, which can eventually cause death. There is to date no cure or true treatment for this condition. It is a form of cancer brought on by the asbestos and long-term exposure to it. For an individual suffering from asbestos cancer, it can be a very tragic time where you wish to be close to your loved ones. The Residual Asbestos Injury Fund can help make this happen, and provide for your family while offering you some comfort from what is happening to you.

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