Workers Compensation Laws in Florida

If you or a loved one dies on the job, you are entitled to compensation at the hands of your employer. This is a right by law and can help to protect your family during these horrible times. Although nothing can replace the loss of a loved one, you can be sure that they will have something to use when you are gone.

Ask your employer about death benefits and what is entailed in the process. You should fill out paperwork when you first began your employment. This paperwork contains all of the necessary information you will need to have these details take care of before you begin working. If you have not obtained a copy before now, obtain one now and keep it on hand. You might also wish to give a copy to your lawyer or similar advisor in order to provide assistance in understanding what must be done for your family.

Wages in Florida

If you lose wages due to your injury, you are entitled to have those wages given to you. While you will never be given as much as you were earning while actually working, the amount will be good enough to survive off of. This can greatly benefit you and your family, helping to keep everyone fed and safe until your injuries heal. Be aware that you are also entitled to receive pay for the time you are off of work, this includes before and after your medical leave.

Legal Workers Compensation Laws

You are entitled to legal representation after you sustain an injury. No matter the injury, you are entitled to this right and can request a lawyer at any time after your injury. In addition, if applicable your employer/insurance company may be responsible for paying for your lawyer. If your employer is refusing to pay you as judged by the workers compensation laws, you might have to take up an attorney and proceed from there.

Be certain your lawyer has copies of all of your information including the findings of your doctor in order to best represent your interests. You may also wish to verify that all of these papers have been recorded properly, and submitted to the appropriate office. This also includes your employer even if he or she is currently fighting against you in court. The more accurate your findings, the more likely the judge will see your situation for what it truly is.

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