Workers Compensation Laws in District of Columbia

As an employee, you are entitled to receive full medical coverage and to receive wages for lost time by the workers compensation laws. When you are injured in an accident on or at your work location, you will lose pay due to having to take time off work. When this occurs, as your injury was sustained on work grounds, your employer should pay you for your time away from work.

When you suffer an injury at your place of work, you must report your injury immediately to your employer and seek medical attention. Fill out paperwork concerning your injury. If your employer or supervisor claims he or she does not have the paperwork available, insist on being supplied with it or have him or her sign a document stating that he or she recognizes the injury has occurred.

You are legally required to fill this paperwork out. Due to this, it is important for your own sake including that of your employers' to fill this paperwork in and send in a copy to the appropriate Office of Worker's Compensation.

District of Columbia Medical Benefits

When you are injured, you are entitled to the hospital of your choice and have yourself examined by a doctor. In addition, you are also entitled to have this paid for by your employer. If at any time, you are not reimbursed or you are told you will not receive these benefits, you are entitled to sue for compensation by the workers compensation laws of the District of Columbia.

As you go through your exam, you want your doctor to take careful note of all of your injuries, and to record these notes in writing. This information will help you prove your case by getting the insurance company to pay for what transpired and to alleviate the burden on your shoulders after the accident. Be sure to get a copy of this information for yourself, your employer, and your employer's insurance company. Be sure these are original copies in order to prevent any possible hang-ups.

Entitlement to Disability Compensation

If you were fully disabled, you do have the right to compensation. In order to receive your compensation, you must document all aspects of your injury, and report this to all of the appropriate individuals and offices. Paperwork is very important during this time as it is a record for what you have gone through, what you are going through, and will explain what you will still need to deal with in order to heal.

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