Workers Compensation Laws in Delaware

If you are forced to take your claim for support from workers compensation laws to court, you may be entitled to have your lawyer's legal fees be refunded to you. If you are in the right and believe you can win your case, you should file an affidavit regarding attorney fees. Be aware that many insurance companies might agree to pay for medical and workers compensation fees as dictated by workers compensation laws, but might not be willing to pay for legal fees. You will have to decide if you wish to pursue these or settle between both parties.

Always verify that you fill out all of the paperwork that is pertinent to your case. If your lawyer is filling out the information and requests for you, request to have verification in writing that all of these have been done. In the event there is ever a mistake made, you will have a legal standing with which to deal with the matter and address all parties affected.

The Rights for Medical Benefits

If you were injured and/or partially or fully disabled, you have the right to medical workers compensation. This means you have the right to be checked out by a physician if you were injured. It also means you have the right to a surgeon, optometrist, dentist, and a chiropractor to treat your injuries and help you heal. Unless your injuries were a result of your own negligence, these are your rights to have and can be insisted to have.

Your doctor after examining you should be able to tell you what further specializations in the medical field will be required to treat your injuries or disabilities. If you have any questions over why you are receiving, or not receiving treatment, be sure to query your doctor. Always have this information verified and placed in written form.

Delaware Full Disability Compensation

According to Delaware's workers compensation laws, if you were fully disabled you have the right to have up to 66 2/3% of your weekly salary and no less than 22 2/9%. If at any time the employer fails to follow this, he or she will be liable to pay 100% of your salary immediately. This will continue for as long as you are legally disabled, and will end immediately upon confirmation from the doctor. Remember to verify with your employer all points and to provide him or her with copies of your information from your doctor.

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