Workers Compensation Laws in Connecticut

One of the most important, yet not well known, reasons to go over all of your forms before starting a place of employment is to find out more about what type of coverage would be offered if there were ever an injury or death due to work or on/in the place of employment. This coverage takes care of you and your family in the event of an accident.

A different type of coverage that some companies or businesses have is workers compensation, provided due to the mandatory requirements of workers compensation laws. This is were if you are ever in an accident or even having to do with your work place that ends up leaving you injure disabled or dead you or your family will be given compensation of some sort in exchange for not suing the company in question. At its basic definition, once you sign a form for workers compensation you no longer have the right or ability legally to sue the company or corporation responsible, unless they break the agreement.

There are different ways that compensation is given which for injury normally starts with paying any hospital or medical bills associated with the injury, with disabilities, you normally are given compensation on a monthly basis and if you die, your family is given money each month.

The Legal Fight

Many dread a day in court. Indeed, when you enter the courtroom to fight a legal battle, you are often in the wrong and must prove your point before a judge. Be prepared for an unpleasant experience and quite possibly one where you feel as if you are being judged in front of an entire room for your honesty and pride. Your lawyer will help prepare and shield you from much of what you will undergo, but you will still feel the brunt of some of this legal onslaught. Even if you are the one who initiated the court proceedings, you will still need to prove you are in the right.

The Doctors on Your Side

Be aware that the insurance company or employer you will be going up against will do their, his, or her utmost to prove you wrong, as they do not wish to pay for your bills. If you are strong and present your case honestly and fairly, you will win. Have everything documented for the case and have your doctor sign a statement attesting to your condition.

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