Workers Compensation Laws in Colorado

A short guide on the workers compensation laws in Colorado and the information you need

The Importance of Doctors

Your doctor may be all that stands between you and time off to heal from your accident. Be honest and open with your doctor on how you feel, leaving no detailed of your symptoms unstated.

Your doctor is also the one who prescribes time off, telling you and your employer how much time you will need to heal before you return to the job. Remember that this is not up to the insurance company or your employer, and neither party has the right to force you to return to work before you are ready. If they attempt to do so, contact your doctor and your lawyer.

If it is your doctor you disagree with, seek a second and third opinion, documenting the findings of both. Just remember that if the next doctors determine the same findings, you will now have these on records.

Preparing for the Courtroom

As you prepare for your first day in court, you should be aware of a number of details. The first detail being that the experience of court is going to be one of the most unpleasant and uncomfortable experiences of your life. In many ways, you will feel like a defendant in a murder trial. The insurance company will be going all out to try to prove that the condition you claim you have does not exist, and that they should therefore not be liable to pay for any of your expenses. They may even go so far as to provide pictures or video surveillance of you performing actions that your supposed condition should not allow you to do.

While this will be an unpleasant experience, you will not be alone in facing these trials. You will have your own attorney at your side that will be helping to present your case to help defend you and prove that you are in the right.

Importance of Time off

After any injury, you need time off to heal. This includes physiological and psychological healing. Your doctor will be in charge of telling you how much time you need off, but if you feel you need additional time off you may have to consult other physicians. Always be upfront with your doctor on how you feel and leave no details out. If you still feel you need additional time off, you may have to consult with your lawyer to decide on further action.

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