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U.S. citizens know that after a life of hard work and dedication to duties and chores, retirement is coming and there is the time to cut back on responsibilities and give way to the pleasant things like family and hobbies. At the same time, many U.S. citizens were never able to enjoy their retirement because of mistakes that happened while calculating their Social Security. In order to avoid such a surprise before you are able to fully enjoy the time you deserve, consult a Social Security lawyer to ensure your numbers add up.

How is Social Security calculated?

When calculating the amount of your Social Security, there are certain factors that are taking into account. This means that your Social Security is based on your date of birth, the type of benefit applied for and the amount of earnings.
In order to get a detailed estimate for all your Social Security retirement, disability or survivorship benefits, contact your local Social Security Administration office. Upon completion of your SSA-7004 form, you will receive your personal statement vial snail mail.

Social Security and earning limits

For any persons over the age 65 there is no earning limit. However, for all other people younger than 65 who collect Social Security retirement there is a limit. For the year 2004, the earning limit had reached $11,640 and for every $2 earned over the limit, your benefit is reduced by $1. For all people age 65 the earning limit is $31,080 and $1 is withheld for every $3 above the limit.

If you have filed for Social Security, but your claim has been denied, we advise to consult one of our Social Security attorneys. With adequate representation and help you are more likely to receive benefits as well as past due benefits. Once a claim has been denied, the only way for a second chance is following the route of appeal. Lastly the case will be brought before an administrative law judge at a special Social Security hearing.

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