Disability in Wyoming

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There are many different definitions of "disabled," but the one used in Wyoming is very specific and very clear. First, you must be unable to work at your previous job and be unable to work at any other job. Next, your disability must be expected to either result in death or to last for at least twelve continuous months. The last qualification is that your disability has to be medically determined—it can't simply be an opinion. You and your doctor have to have hard evidence that proves you are disabled, whether it's a physical or mental disability.

The Process

Applying for disability in Wyoming first involves filling out an application from the Social Security office. This application covers a variety of programs, including social security benefits, Medicaid, and other disability programs that exist in Wyoming. While you won't need to apply for each of these, each program has its own qualifications, so you may not be eligible for all of them. You may also need to supply additional information for different programs.

Once you've applied, your application will be discussed and your disability status determined by medical experts and evaluators. It's important that you give them as many of your medical records as possible and supply them with all other necessary information; otherwise, it may take longer for your status to be determined.

The Programs

There are a variety of programs you may be approved for if you are found eligible for disability. The first two are social security benefits. These two programs are federally funded. Both pay you a specific amount of money each month that is to be used to pay bills, buy groceries, and generally live as you would if you had an income from a job. Be sure to note that social security benefits do vary based on your income and financial resources, and if you get a job, you may lose your benefits or have them reduced.

Medicaid is another program based on your disability and income. It can assist you with paying your medical bills and with buying prescription medication. If you qualify, you may have to pay very little or nothing for some doctor's visits and medication. Even if you do have to pay a co-payment or monthly premium, it is usually a fairly small amount.

Finally, a number of programs exist in Wyoming to help those with disabilities. These include transportation programs, home health assistance, and delivered meals. All of these programs are designed to make your life as independent as possible.

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