Disability in Virginia

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There are several different requirements to be listed as having a disability in Virginia. They are outlined in several federal regulations and determined by the Virginia Disability Determination Services department. The criteria in Virginia includes the following: you must no longer be able to do your job or any other job, must have medical and/or psychological evidence backing up this claim, must submit to a consultative evaluation, and you must undergo a disability review every so often.

In addition to handling all Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income, the department also evaluates individuals for eligibility in several programs operated by the state of Virginia.

The Application Process

After you submit your application for disability in Virginia, it will first be screened to see that you meet basic requirements (like age, residency, etc.). You will then be put in the evaluation queue. This is when your actual medical reports and such are evaluated and experts determine if you are disabled or not.

The Consultative Evaluation

If your medical records and lab tests aren't enough to determine if you have a disability in Virginia, then you will be sent for a consultative evaluation. This consultation will be paid for by the state, and you may even go to your own doctor if he or she has the equipment and qualifications to perform all of the tests needed in order to evaluate your disability. If you are required to travel to this evaluation, that travel will also be paid for.

The Decision Process

Disability in Virginia is determined by a group of experts employed by the department. These include a physician or psychologist and a trained evaluator. They check your medical records against the list of federally mandated medical criteria for disability. The team also reviews your income, your financial resources, your work history, and the exact nature of your disability.

The Disability Review

If you are awarded disability, you will have to submit to a disability review on a regular basis. These reviews, which happen on a minimum once in every three years, are designed to make certain those on disability still meet all of the requirements. The review especially looks to see if you have any new sources of income or financial resources. If you do, you may find your disability payments reduced or eliminated.

You may contact a disability attorney, if you or someone you know has a disability or simply need to get more information.

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