Disability in Vermont

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For those with a disability in Vermont, there are a number of state programs offered in addition to the Federal disability programs that are available through the Social Security Administration. To be eligible for these programs, an individual must reside in Vermont, be under 65 and over 18 with a disability, and meet the financial requirements for Vermont Medicaid. For those with only a moderate need, there are other specific qualifications that may qualify them for some assistance and services.

Choices for Care

Choices for Care is a Medicaid-funded program that supplies funds for long-term care for the elderly or those with disabilities. Its main goal is to assist individuals with a disability in Vermont in living an independent lifestyle. Choices for Care provides assistance with cooking, bathing, dressing, and getting around the home for those who live alone or in an assisted living facility. These assistants may help with light cleaning, laundry, and even some minor household repairs while also measuring medication and helping with physical therapy exercises.

Supported Employment Program

This program is focused on assisting those with disabilities find gainful employment. The program starts by pairing an individual with a career counselor who helps him or her plan out their potential career path, search for jobs available, assist in working with employers for accommodations, and help the individual maintain their job over time. The Supported Employment Program has a number of employer partnerships that have developed specific positions for disabled workers.

Adult Day

The Adult Day services, much like Choices for Car, are aimed at helping individuals live as independently as they possibly can. The program includes professional nursing services for those who need help on a regular basis, home therapy professionals, educational programs for family members and caregivers, meal delivery, and respite caregivers for when the full time caregiver is unable to provide care. Transportation to medical appointments and other appointments is also available for those who have no other means of transportation.

Flexible Family Funding

Some families may be eligible for Flexible Family Funding. These funds can be used to make an individual's home accessible, provide household needs such as clothing or rent, and more. Note that to be eligible for Flexible Family Funding, an individual must not be receiving any other home waivers, exceed a specific income, or live independently.

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