Disability in Utah

How old are you?

If you have a disability in Utah, you might qualify for more than just the standard Social Security programs. These programs have a few requirements: you must not be able to work at your former job or at any new job, and you must have an injury or illness that is expected to last more than a year or is fatal. In addition to these federal programs, however, the state of Utah offers a few other programs for those with disabilities. There are different requirements for these state funded programs:

  1. have a mental handicap that was diagnosed before you turned 22;
  2. have a brain injury; and
  3. have a physical disability that hinders functions in at least two limbs.

Community Living

One of the programs many individuals with a disability in Utah seek to qualify for is the community living program. This program is flexible and can be customized for your personal needs, allowing you to live as independently as possible. Whether you need help with cleaning, bathing, cooking, or learning to adapt to your disability, this program can help. A support member will come to your home at certain times during the week or day to help you with tasks as needed.

Supervision and Companions

For those who need someone with them for longer periods of time, the companion program may be of interest. A companion will perform some light cleaning, laundry, and cooking, but their main function is simply to be with an individual and provide socialization and non-medical supervision. Note that companions are not medically trained and do not provide medical services, merely assistance and companionship.

Community Transportation

If you're unable to drive and have no one available to drive you to doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, and to other places, you may request transportation from the community transportation program. The program does more than just provide you a means of transportation, however. Its first goal is to train disabled individuals to use public transportation, giving them an element of independence and freedom that simply relying on the program's transportation would not give them.

Respite Care

The respite care service provides a temporary full time caregiver to fill in for individuals whose normal caregiver is going on vacation or is ill. Respite care only provides short term caregivers, however, and an individual must already have a full time caregiver.

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