Disability in South Dakota

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Those with a disability in South Dakota first must seek application with the South Dakota Disability Determination Services. This is the organization in South Dakota that sets the requirements for individuals based on the federal guidelines. While Social Security funds are available for all that qualify according to the federal Social Security office, there are additional programs that one with a disability in South Dakota can qualify for.

Supplemental Security Income

Individuals may qualify for Supplemental Security Income, or money used to allow a person with a disability to live a normal life even though they aren't able to work. The amount of income is dependent on a person's income and financial resources, and if your income changes, your disability income may be increased or reduced based upon the change.

Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance is only available to those who have paid in a specific amount of social security tax by working. While it's similar to Supplemental Security Income in that it pays benefits to those who are in need, the funds from this type of disability insurance can be paid to either the individual or to family members.

How to Apply for Social Security Funds?

To apply for disability in South Dakota, an individual first has to set up an appointment with the Disability Determination Services. Once you have applied for disability through the department, they will evaluate your application and see that you meet the basic guidelines: you cannot perform your previous job, you can't take on another job because of your disability, and your disability will last for twelve months or more. Once this is done, they will determine which of the two types of disability you are eligible for. They will also determine if you are eligible for any other program that assists an individual with a disability in South Dakota.

Ways of Getting Your Application Processed Quickly

While all applications for disability are going to take some time to go through the evaluation process, there are some things you can do to get your application processed quickly. Take all of your paperwork and identification to the office when you apply. Be ready to provide information like the date you became disabled, anything your employer did to try to accommodate your disability, and all of your doctor's contact information. In fact, if you have copies of your medical records, it will help tremendously to attach them to your application.

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