Why Hire A Long-Term Disability Attorney After You Get Denied LTD Benefits?

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If you are denied long-term disability benefits after filling out an application, you have the right to appeal the insurance company's decision. Filing an appeal can be hard to handle on your own. It requires gathering and organizing information, doing research, and formulating legal arguments. A long-term disability attorney is the best person to help you with your appeal for the following reasons:

1. An attorney understands and appreciates the deadlines involved with appealing the insurance company's decision to deny benefits. If you get denied long-term disability benefits, the denial letter will most likely indicate that you have 180 days to appeal the decision. This may seems like a long time, but an attorney recognizes the importance of getting started on the appeal process right away. An attorney will recognize whether or not your medical records need to be updated and thus, may make suggestions about whether or not you should get in to see a doctor to get support for your claims.

2. Attorneys have experience with how insurance companies are regulated and how they process claims for benefits. An attorney can make legal arguments regarding mistakes that the insurance company made in evaluating your claim that you might not otherwise recognize on your own.

3. An attorney knows how to request information about your claim from the insurance company. An attorney will also recognize whether or not the insurance company provides complete information upon request.

4. An attorney will act as a buffer between you and the insurance company. No more distressing phone calls from the insurer and no more reading legal jargon.

5. An attorney can identify and collect information that is important to your claim for benefits. For example, an attorney might gather information from your employer, coworkers, family members, and/or doctors. An attorney knows what types of questions to ask these individuals. An attorney can organize this information and present it to the insurance company as support for you claim for benefits.

6. An attorney can explain how your long-term disability benefits could be affected or offset by other benefits, including workers' compensation benefits and Social Security Disability benefits.

7. A good attorney will put you at ease during this very stressful process. A good attorney will listen to your concerns. More importantly, a good attorney will alleviate your concerns by taking charge of your appeal while still involving you in the process.

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