Disability in Oregon

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Just because one has a disability in Oregon doesn't mean one is going to live a sub-par life or have to constantly beg for help. In fact, there are a number of programs set up by the state to assist the elderly and the disabled with living as normal a life as possible. These programs are generally free to those who qualify, although some may require a small fee depending on the individual's disability and income status. Many are available to those with temporary disabilities as well as those facing long term disability.

Care Giving

The various care giving programs that exist to help those with a disability in Oregon generally fall into one of two categories: informal and formal. Informal care giving is any assistance given by a family member or friend. Generally, these types of care givers are unpaid and usually provide only light care giving and assisted living services such as housecleaning, cooking, and helping bathe individuals. Some, however, may actually need to give 24 hour care. In this case, some funds may be available to help train these care givers in how to best assist a disabled individual.

Formal care giving generally means an individual has a home health care nurse or other professional who visits their home on a regular or semi-regular basis. Some may actually be 24 hour care givers, while others may only stop by a few times a week to help an individual with exercises or other therapy. Often for those on disability, these care givers will be provided with no cost to the individual.

Medical Assistance

For those with disabilities who are unable to afford some of the more expensive medications and surgeries, Medicaid may be an option. It provides health care for either very little a month or for free, depending on what qualifications you meet. Some programs may also provide funds for home health care, assisted living centers, nursing homes, and more. Your medical assistance package will be determined separately from your disability, and you'll need to provide your income, medical bills, resources, monthly expenditures, and health insurance information, if you have any.

Employment Services

A person with a disability in Oregon who is still able to work may be eligible for reduced medical costs under the Employed Persons with Disabilities program. This program helps those who make less than 250 per cent of the federal poverty level.

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