Disability in Ohio

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The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services is the department that handles disability in Ohio. They offer a number of different programs to anyone who is disabled. Ohio uses the standard federal guidelines as outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act and other documents to determine if someone is disabled. Services offered to those individuals with a disability in Ohio include employment programs, financial programs, and Medicaid, which will assist with medical bills and prescription costs.

Employment Programs

There are several different programs available to those with a disability in Ohio. They include sign language interpretation, installing devices for the deaf, providing a reader, offering assistance in getting a job, and working with both individuals and companies in matching up those with disabilities to companies who are seeking new employees.

They will also assign a representative to each individual who will assess that individual's qualifications, skills, and education. This may be followed by counseling services and job exploration. In addition to these services, the program also helps to ensure that employment opportunities are available to everyone regardless of race, religion, or other factor.

Individuals should discuss how returning to work, even part time, through one of these employment programs will affect their disability funds. Some may find their disability payments reduced or even eliminated because they return to work.

Financial Programs

Just as in other states, Ohio provides financial assistance to those who are unable to work full or part time due to a disability. There are a number of different requirements. The first is that the individual must be medically determined to have an injury that will last for at least one year or be over 60 and qualify for disability financial assistance as of June 2003. Unlike some states where family size affects how much income a disabled individual can receive, in Ohio, the family may not have more than $1,000 in resources no matter how many people are in the family.

Medicaid Program

Medicaid may also be available to those with disabilities. It does require a separate application, and there are different eligibility criteria. Depending on what income and resources an individual has, he or she may have to pay a small monthly premium or a co-pay on prescriptions and medical visits. Medicaid may also be available to individuals with low income or young children.

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