Disability in North Dakota

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A disability in North Dakota is determined following the guidelines of the Social Security Administration. These include being unable to work at the job your previously held, being unable to work at any other job, and having a medically determined injury that will last a least a year. Qualifying for disability in North Dakota allows you to draw a monthly payment to help pay your bills. However, there are other services you may be eligible for in addition to this payment. Below are a few of these programs that can make a disabled individual's life much easier.

Vision Program

The North Dakota vision program is designed for the elderly disabled individual who has vision problems and needs assistance in maintaining their homes and in performing daily activities like eating and bathing. Vision impaired books and transportation to medical exams are also provided as needed.

Rehabilitation Services

For those who were injured on the job or have a disability that requires physical therapy or rehabilitation, there are a number of services offered by North Dakota. The aim of these services is to assist disabled individuals in gaining the skills and abilities to work at least part time. The services offered include more than just job training, however. The services also include transportation, equipment maintenance, job placement, transportation, and a job coach who will assist individuals with finding and keeping a job. To be eligible, you must have a mental or physical disability that affects your ability to find and hold a job.

Developmental Disabilities Services

This part of the North Dakota Health and Human Services Department is aimed at providing services to individuals who were born with a disability. Many of these services help train and educate family members about disabilities and how to best assist an individual. Home health care, services to assist an individual with being part of the community, and supervised living arrangements are all services offered through Developmental Disabilities Services.

Independent Living Services

For those with disabilities who wish to maintain independent living and perhaps even continue to be employed in some fashion will want to learn more about the programs offered by Independent Living Services. These include transportation to and from work and social activities, education opportunities, housing assistance, and personal assistance. Some individuals may qualify for delivered meals, a home health nurse, or other assistance in their home.

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