Disability in New York

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There are many different definitions of disability, and often the term is used differently from state to state. In New York, a person with a disability is defined by how they answer the question of limitation. If an individual is limited in how they do any activity because of an injury or illness, they are disabled. The only question is how much are they disabled. Are they able to perform basic activities such as bathing, eating, and general self-care activities by themselves, or do they need assistance with their daily activities? The benefits a person with a disability in New York also differ if that person was injured on or off the job.

Individuals Who Can Live Alone

If you're able to handle basic activities without help, you may only qualify for New York's income supplement programs. These programs provide you with cash relief in the amount of a percentage of what you were making at your job. This percentage is based on a variety of factors that varies from case to case.

Individuals Who Need Care

If, however, you find yourself unable to perform basic chores without assistance, you may qualify for extra benefits. These may include having a home health nurse, receiving meals delivered to your home, and being eligible for transportation to and from doctor's appointments. You may also be eligible for funds to make your home or your vehicle accessible or to train a relative or friend in providing basic home health care.

Individuals Injured on the Job

A person with a disability in New York whose disability came from a work-related injury is eligible for specific benefits under New York's worker's compensation laws. These benefits may include payment of medical bills, including specialists, and wage compensation for the time you are injured. Note that there is a short window of opportunity to file for worker's compensation and disability, so be certain you know the various deadlines.

Injured off the Job

If your disability occurred when you were not on the job or because of a pregnancy or birth illness, you'll be eligible for off the job disability. This type of disability may be either temporary or long term, depending on the injury. Like on the job disability, off the job claims can provide wage compensation, but medical care and surgeries are not covered. You will be responsible for all medical bills occurred while you are unable to work.

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