Disability in Nevada

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The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services offers programs to anyone living in Nevada who qualifies for disability. However, they do not usually offer employment, education, or medical services. Instead, they offer disabled individuals services that will allow them to lead as normal a life as possible. These services are often available in addition to any supplementary income an individual receives from disability. The Department of Health and Human Services does not make any disability determinations—doctors and other health specialists made those decisions based on medical reports and your health.

What Programs Are Available?

The programs offered to those with a disability in Nevada include in-home health care, rehabilitation and therapy, emergency contact devices, and support for those with communication disabilities. They also offer training for home health care givers and funds for making homes and vehicles accessible and for assistance devices. Not all of these services are offered to all disabled individuals. If you qualify for disability, check with your case supervisor to see which services you are eligible for.

Temporary Disability in Nevada

While some states offer disability income and disability services to those who are temporarily disabled, Nevada does not. Only those individuals with disability insurance can make use of temporary income or services.

Disability and Medical Prescriptions

As of January of 2007, individuals with a disability in Nevada may be eligible for financial assistance for prescription medicines. Anyone who is between 18 and 61 and who has been approved for disability is eligible. Two other stipulations apply: you must have lived in Nevada for at least twelve months continuously, and you must make no more than $24, 500 ($33,000 for couples).

There are several different tiers of benefits available. If you are eligible for Supplemental Security Income, you can receive full Medicaid benefits, which include help with premiums for specific Medicare plans and assistance with prescription costs. If you aren't eligible for Medicare, you may receive benefits such as no monthly premium, a small co-payment for generic brands, no deductible, and other benefits.

The disability prescription program is very easy for individuals. They are given a special ID card to present when paying for a prescription. As long as the prescription is on the approved list, the disability program pays for it. The program also pays for many mail-order prescriptions.

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