Disability in Michigan

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When you are living with a disability in Michigan, life can difficult; however, there are programs and groups who are devoted to trying to make it easier for people who have disabilities to get around and be more independent. In Michigan, about one out of five, or almost two million, people are living with a disability and sometimes everyday tasks for persons who are disabled can be difficult to manage. It is because of this that there are organizations that help to provide disability resources for those who need them. Many people think that the only help they can get is through a state or federal government office, but this is not true. While filing for disability and receiving benefits from the government is only available through the Social Security Administration (SSA), there are many other programs that can also help out these citizens in need. If you contact the State of Michigan and ask them about these outside advocacy groups, they should be able to provide you with some of the information you need.

SSA Benefits for Persons with Disabilities

If you are living with a disability in Michigan, you should realize that you have the right to contact the SSA and file for assistance. This help is specifically intended for persons who have been diagnosed with either physically or mentally handicap and are unable to work for at least one year. This application is generally a long and tiring process and it can take up to a year before your claim is approved and you begin seeing any benefits from the program.

State Specific Programs

In Michigan if you are an adult who does not have dependent children, you may also file for State Disability Assistance. This benefit is to aid those adults who can no longer work because of a disability, and your income and assets will be evaluated in order to make certain that you fall within the guidelines of the program. If you are an adult with a disability and you do have a family there is the Family Independence Program, and families are subjected to many of the same need and requirements as those who are seeking State Disability Assistance. These programs are designed aid some of Michigan's most needy citizens and can help to make up the gap that SSA disability often leaves.

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