Disability in Maryland

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Many people don't realize that there is a system set up for disability in Maryland (or any other state for that matter) until they find that they or someone they love is in need of assistance. Sometimes this can come on because of a sudden illness, mental disease, car wreck, or other injury that keeps a person from being able to work, while at other times it is often the result of a congenital birth defect that can leave a family struggling to care for a disabled child. Whatever the reason, caring for someone who has become disabled can be financially difficult, especially since they are often unable to work and help provide for their own care. This is when the Social Security Administration (SSA) steps in to offer disability benefits to those who qualify.

Who Qualifies for Disability?

As talked about above, qualifying for disability in Maryland can come down to whether or not the person in question has been affected enough by the injury or illness that they will be unable to work and provide for themselves for at least a year. Going on disability does not mean that you are permanently considered incapable of working, but it is intended for those with long-term needs. So, if you are only going to be unable to work for a few months or so then you will need to rely on any short-term disability insurance to help get you through the time when you cannot work. If your doctor has decided that you can qualify for disability benefits offered through the government, then you will need to go down to the SSA office and file a claim in order to receive your benefits. The claim process is long, and can be trying on a family who is attempting to make it during that time on a limited income.

What happens if the Claim is rejected?

If you go through with the application process and your benefits for disability in Maryland are denied, then do not panic. This doesn't mean that it is the final decision on the matter as there is a period of time after the initial decision when you can appeal the verdict and resubmit your claim. Many times people who are going through the reapplication process seek the advice and help of legal counsel to better their chances.

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