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Filing for disability in Louisiana is technically no different than filing for disability in any other state. This does not mean that the process is any less stressful or difficult to understand. The Social Security Administration (SSA) does not want the process of receiving disability to become too simplistic or a great number of people who do not deserve benefits will end up getting them. So, many times states impose a more strenuous application process on the initial claim, but then when it is filed again at a later date it is more likely to be approved. This is the case in Louisiana. Whereas they are slightly below the national average of acceptances on the first claim, they are more than double the national average when it comes to approvals on the second go round.

Things to Remember when Filing

If you are going to apply to receive disability in Louisiana then you should keep the fact that you are likely to get rejected the first time the claim goes through in mind. However, this does not mean that you should pay any less attention to the details or try any less hard because you want your claim to be approved as soon as possible. Do not simply assume that you can catch up for any problems on the second go around. If your claim is well put together and thorough on the initial phase, then you could possibly be approved and be receiving benefits months in advance of when you might if you had to go through a reconsideration process.

How to Reapply?

Once your claim has gone through the system and if it is determined that you are not eligible for benefits you will get a letter outlining this and explaining that you have the right to reapply for further consideration if done within so many days of the date of the letter. At this time you can either choose to reevaluate the information in the proposal and send it in again, or you can go to outside help. This assistance could either come in the form of an advocacy or assistance group that aids those with disabilities, or you could seek the advice of a professional lawyer who specializes in disability. What ever you decide to do, you'll still have to wait awhile for a decision to be made.

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