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One thing you should know anytime you are looking at filing disability in Kentucky is that the approval rate on the claims that go through the office which determines disability eligibility is considerably less than the national average. This means that it could be quite difficult to file a successful disability claim in Kentucky. Sometimes a state's initial filing acceptance may be low, but then the approval rate for resent claims goes up a little, evening the state out. This is not the case in Kentucky as even the approval rates on the second time around are still considerably less than the national average. For example, the rate of initial approvals in Kentucky is only 32 per cent while the national average is 37 per cent. In the second considerations for claims Kentucky's approval rating is only at 10 per cent, while the national average is 15 per cent. This points to how difficult it can be to get disability in Kentucky.

How States have Different Approval Rates?

Many people do not realize that even though they may file for disability through the Social Security Administration, each state has its own office set up to go over the applications and determine the applicant's disability eligibility. It is this state office which uses standard preset requirements and determinations set up by them to establish whether or not a person is considered truly disabled and able to receive benefits. This is why there are different acceptance percentages within each state and a national average that is the combination of all of these separate acceptance rates. This is how Kentucky can be capable of having slightly more strenuous guidelines and that can cause their acceptance numbers to go down.

What should you do About Filing in Kentucky?

If you are considering filing for disability in Kentucky and you do not have a legal background, it might be better if you were to look at getting some outside assistance. Many times people go to attorneys in the state that specialize in dealing with disability claims. These attorneys can often help guide you through the state's application determination process, and they can also fight for your rights if anything happens during this time. While there are some advocacy groups that also do this, they are often overloaded and cannot give your case the personal attention it deserves.

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