Disability in Illinois

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Recently those who were living with a disability in Illinois were polled and surveyed by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the Illinois Disability and Health Project Partnership. When these two groups set out to do the survey they concluded that the definition they would use to define the term disability as something that limited an individual's ability to interact in normal daily activities as a result of either the physical, social, or psychological environment of the person in question. In short this implies that if someone is either physically, mentally, or socially unable to do something because of a certain restriction that cannot be corrected, they are considered to be disabled. If you are wondering whether or not you should file for disability, then just consider this definition and add to it whether or not your impairment keeps you from earning a livable wage.

Technical Guidance

If you are a disabled in Illinois and you are having trouble or you need some form of assistance but you are unsure of where you should turn to for advice or help, then you should know that the office of the Illinois Attorney General has a specialized Disability Rights Bureau that will either be there to lend you some form of technical assistance, or if it is outside of their normal purview, they should be able to refer you to an advocacy group or other form of assistance that can help you. It is important that you do not keep your elected officials out of the loop when it comes to needing help with your disabilities or understanding how the laws may affect you. Most of the time things are restrictive or confusing because they are not pointed out to authorities, so remember that each time you contact the office you are helping them make the program that much better.

Law Enforcement and Disabilities

People who are living with a disability in Illinois may also face the more difficult task of defending themselves and their property. In Illinois the government has set up a special response conference series that tries to help the police and prosecutors in understanding how to better help those with disabilities who have been affected by crime. This is a crucial step in helping the law enforcement community and the disabled community working together effectively.

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