Disability in Idaho

How old are you?

If you are a person who is living with a disability in Idaho and you are unable to work because of either a mental or physical impairment, then you will need to file for Social Security benefits to make sure that you have a means of supporting yourself if you live on your own. This can be a long and tedious process, and most applicants' claims are rejected the first time they apply, so do not get discouraged. If you need help putting together the paperwork, there are advocacy groups that can help you to make sure you are doing everything right. However, it is important to file as soon as possible to make sure that you get on disability in a reasonable amount of time.

How to reapply if your Claim is denied?

Since the state of Idaho is slightly above the national average of acceptances for disabilities claims on the first trail, that means that only thirty nine percent of those who apply will receive benefits on the claims first trip through the system. This can be discouraging, but if you are denied remember to go over all of your information in detail and to double check your medical records to make sure that they are correct and up to date. Another thing that people often don't do which can lead to problems is take all of their medications like they are prescribed and to follow the doctor's orders to the letter. Many times disability in Idaho will be denied because people aren't following the doctor's advice to help them.

Living on your own

If you choose to move out onto your own and life independently with a disability in Idaho, there is a special group that can help you with some of the more overwhelming tasks involved in this process. This group is known as the Idaho State Independent Living Council (SILC). The goal of this group is to work with people with disabilities to make sure that they can live on their own with the same equal access and equal opportunities as the average citizen. So, if you find that you cannot get an apartment with the handicap access you require or you are having trouble finding a place that can meet your needs, you should contact the SILC and see if they can help.

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