Disability in Florida

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Many people who are filing for disability do not realize how the system actually works. While they may be filing with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to receive their benefits, the truth of the matter is that an outside company hired by the federal government will actually go through the applications first in order to determine disability in Florida eligibility status. The company that is in charge of doing this is called the Division of Disability Determinations (DDD).

What does this mean for your Disability Claim?

The outside help is probably needed because disability claims in the state of Florida makes up close to six percent of the overall national caseload each year. This is a large percentage for one single state to carry, and that is why the DDD helps out. See, once an application has been filled out and submitted to the SSA they then forward that paperwork to the DDD to have them go through and come to a determination about a person's medical eligibility to file for disability in Florida. After that determination has been made the paperwork is then given back for a final ruling on the claim. The DDD, could even be asked to conduct periodic reviews of people who are already receiving social security benefits to make sure that the continuation of those benefits is still necessary.

What is the Good Side?

The good news about the fact the DDD goes through the paperwork of persons filing to receive a disability claim is that this helps the SSA by easing some of their burden. Since the program which funds the DDD is done through the federal government, the state of Florida doesn't have to pay extra. This can mean a lot of small things for those who are filing for disability in Florida, but one of the main ones is that having the additional person on the chain who goes over a claim could make it that much more likely that eventually the claim will be processed correctly and you will get the benefits you need.

What else can you do?

If you are still concerned about your claim for disability in Florida and want to make sure that it is processed as correctly as possible, then it is probably a good idea to contact a lawyer specializing in disability claims.

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