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Many people who are receiving benefits for a disability in California can decide to return to work on a limited basis if they so choose without affecting their Social Security benefits too much after the first year of receiving their Social Security disability benefits. Sometimes returning back to work, even on a very limited basis, can be a rewarding experience for someone who has had their life affected by a physical or mental disability. Often people who have become victims of disabilities allow themselves to be completely withdrawn from normal everyday life, and this can lead to depression in many instances. Getting back into the work force and interacting with people can help remedy this problem, and with just a little planning it should be a relatively easy transition.

Getting Prepared for Turning 18 with a Disability

If you are the recipient of disability in California and you are about to turn eighteen, it is important that you figure out what your benefits are going to be like after this transition. This is because the Social Security Administration categorizes people who qualify for disabilities as those who are over eighteen and those who are under. The requirements on the two are different, and so are the payment amounts of your disability checks, so you will need to be as prepared as possible for this transition. It's also a good idea to already have your post-graduate schooling and living arrangements figured out so that your benefits will be easier to calculate.

Finding out as much Information as Possible

To people who suddenly find themselves thrust into the center of a battle for their disability to be recognized acting out on bad or misguided information can be a serious pitfall that hinders their progress in this regard. Since disability is a very personal experience it can be difficult for someone to give another person advice when receiving disability in California based on their injuries or benefits could be a completely different experience. Since finding out information for programs associated with Social Security can be difficult to find in their entirety, a lot of people choose to use hired legal representation in order to better their chances of receiving benefits. Whatever you decide, it's important to fully understand what you're getting into when you file disability in California.

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