Disability in Arkansas

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Many times when people think about those who are disabled in Arkansas and other states they do not realize how much of an impact this actually entails on a person's life. It is important for everyone to realize how much being disabled can effectively change everything in someone's life. This doesn't just include the issues of ADA compliant access into buildings or restrooms, but also the abuse and neglect that are often suffered by those with disabilities at the hands of people who are supposed to be caring for them.

People who with a disability in Arkansas who need help can turn to the Arkansas Disability Rights Center. While this is actually a federally funded center which was brought about by a congressional mandate in 1975, it is still there to help persons with disabilities know and understand their legal rights. This way you don't have to feel alone when dealing with some of the more overwhelming issues surrounding disabilities.

Applying for Disability in Arkansas

If you are considering applying to receive disability in Arkansas, then you will most certainly need to contact the Disability Determination for Social Security Administration (DDSSA) in Little Rock. This is the company which determines the eligibility for those who apply to receive disability benefits. Applicants must prove that they have a medically based disability which can be proven through either a physical or psychological examination. The DDSSA will probably require that any one who is applying for disability in Arkansas undergo an examination by their doctors in order to concur with the preexisting medical opinion that has declared a person mentally or physically disabled. Do not worry though, as this expense of a secondary check up should be covered by the agency since it was not requested by you.

Once you have put in your application and been reviewed by their doctors, the case will go to a disability claims adjudicator who will review a combination of factors to see if you are eligible or not to receive disability in Arkansas. This process combines your age, the impairment, your total work experience for at least ten years if you are over thirty one years of age, and your education level. These factors will ultimately decide how impacted your work is by your disability and how much money you should receive as a result.

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