Traffic Violation Laws in Utah

Utah allows up to 200 points in a 3-year period before driving penalties begin (or 70 points for drivers under 21). That may seem like a lot, but where many states traffic violation points systems start at 1 or 2 points for minor violations and go up, Utah's point system begins with most minor moving violations racking up 40 points against a record.

Once 200 points have accumulated, a driver will attend a hearing where a decision is made about license suspension or revocation that can last 6 months to 1 year. A driver may also be required to take a defensive driving course.

Some points examples range from more serious offenses like reckless driving at 80 points, failure to yield right-of-way at 60 points and running a red light or stop sign at 50 points. Tailgating, driving on the wrong side of the road or the wrong way on a one-way street also rank among more serious violations with 60 points each.

Speeding tickets usually count for 35 to 75 points, depending on how many miles over the limit the driver was traveling. And with the exception of speeding tickets, the presiding judge can adjust points by 10% either way.

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Removing Points

Points aren't permanently on a driver's record, and improved driving behavior is rewarded. The points will remain on a record for 3 years, but if a driver makes it one year without any more convictions, half the points are removed. Two years with a perfect driving record and the successful completion of a defensive driving course can make a driver eligible to have 50 more points removed.

Alcohol-Related Offenses in Utah

In the state of Utah, people who drink and then drive can be charged with two separate but related crimes. A "driving over the limit" conviction applies if their blood alcohol levels are over .08%. But the DUI can be applied for anyone whom the police officer believes to be impaired by alcohol, regardless of blood alcohol levels. Someone with over .08% blood alcohol, for instance, would be charged with both offenses.

A first time DUI offense will suspend the license for 90 days and incur fines of at least $700. Other possibilities include 48 hours in jail, community service, a possible six-month license suspension, drug and/or alcohol treatment regardless of dependence, and the installation, at the driver's considerable expense, of an ignition interlock device.

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