Traffic Violation Laws in Nebraska

Nebraska is similar to many other states in the union in that it uses a point system to adjudicate traffic violation issues. Basically, each time a person is convicted of breaking traffic violation laws in Nebraska, a certain number of points are put on their license. After accumulating a certain number of points, a person may be subject to penalties up to and including the revocation of their license.

Revocation Under the Point System in Nebraska

Twelve is the magic number in Nebraska. If a person gets a total of twelve points on their license in any two-year period, they may be subject to a license revocation. The two-year period is calculated from the exact date of the breaking of the traffic violation laws. Most convictions for any sort of moving violations will result in fines and points being assessed. The more severe the violation, the more points assessed and the larger the fine.

Duration of Revocation

The first time that a person's license is revoked, the duration is for six months. If, in the future, another instance occurs where traffic violation laws in Nebraska are broken, the revocation will be for three years. While a revocation prevents a person from legally driving their vehicle for any reason, it is possible to obtain an Employment Drive Permit or a Medical Hardship Permit. These permits allow the driver to drive to work and to a hospital or doctor's office in case of emergency, respectively.

Removal of Points and License Reinstatement

While violations will always be recorded on your license, points can eventually be removed. Nebraska offers a Driver Improvement Course, which, if taken, can reduce a person's total points by two. The course can even be taken before a violation occurs for a two-point credit. Note that a person can only take this course once every five years, and they cannot take the course after their license has already been revoked.

Eventually, it may be possible to have a license reinstated after revocation due to breaking traffic violation laws in Nebraska. To do this, the person must complete an eight-hour Driver Improvement Course, as well as furnish proof of financial responsibility. Finally, the person must pay a $125 reinstatement fee. Once reinstatement has occurred, the person must once again pass the standard driver's test to obtain a new license.

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