Traffic Violation Laws in Iowa

Before you ever get into a vehicle in the state of Iowa, it is important that you build an understanding of the local traffic violation laws that govern the roadways you will travel. It is through this understanding that you will be best able to maintain responsibility for your vehicle and your actions while in that vehicle. These laws are meant to ensure the safety of all who travel the various roadways of Iowa.

Types of Traffic Violation Laws

Like in other jurisdictions, there are a variety of types of traffic violation laws within the state of Iowa. The one most commonly broken is the speed limit. Speeding, even if only a few miles per hour above the limit, can be extremely dangerous and can result in heavy fines. Other types of moving vehicle violations include failing to yield, failing to signal a turn, and more serious violations such as driving while drunk or evading arrest. Not matter the severity of the traffic violation laws your break, set punishments are in place to respond to your actions and help to teach the lesson of not being careless in the future.

When You Are Stopped

When you are stopped along a roadway in Iowa, the first step you should take is to find the first area to safely pull to the side of the road. You must ensure that your vehicle is far enough from the active roadway to avoid causing an accident or impeding the safety of the officer who has pulled you over. Wait patiently for the officer to approach your vehicle and never exit your car unless you are instructed to do so. If you have an explanation for your infraction, offer it courteously and in an non-confrontational manner. If you are issued a citation, accept it, because it is not an admission of guilt to simply accept a piece of paper. The side of the road is not the place to begin fighting your ticket.

Dealing with Citations

Once you have been issued a citation, you need to decide whether you will plead guilty or challenge it in court. To plead guilty, you can either pay your fine in person, by mail, or over the internet. To fight your citation for breaking traffic violation laws in Iowa, you should first retain an attorney and then request a date to appear before the court.

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