Traffic Violation Laws in Idaho

Idaho is home to many scenic local roads that wind throughout the state and all the way north to the Canadian border. In addition, there are several towns and cities of a fair size where traffic can be heavy at times. In order to ensure your safety while driving either on back roads or in more congested areas, it is important to have an understanding of the types of traffic violation laws in the state of Idaho.

Categories of Traffic Violation Laws

There are several categories that traffic violation laws can fall under within the state of Idaho. These categories depend upon the severity of the violation for which you are being cited. For serious violations, there are criminal penalties that will apply. These types of traffic violations laws include driving while under the influence, evading arrest, and reckless driving. For less serious infractions, there are civil penalties assessed, including fines and points that can be added to your driving record. Less serious violations include speeding and failure to yield or signal.

What to Do When Stopped?

If you are stopped because a police officer suspects that you are guilty of violating traffic violations laws in the state of Idaho, you must first remember that it is imperative to be courteous at all times. Allow the office to come to your window instead of every stepping out of your vehicle. Have your license, registration and proof of insurance ready to hand over immediately. Once they have explained the reason you are being detained, you can then ask questions politely to clarify your understanding of the charges. If you believe the charges are in error, you may either offer an explanation courteously while interacting with the officer or wait to request a court date and fight the charges at that time.

Dealing with Citations

If you have received a citation, you will need to deal with it in the most expedient manner possible. To plead guilty, simply go to the courthouse to pay your fine, or send it in by mail. The court will then add the number of points to your driving record that corresponds with the violation you have to which you have pleaded guilty. If you wish to fight the charges against you, it is important to hire a knowledgeable attorney to defend your interests. They will help to interpret the traffic violations laws and protect your best interests.

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