Traffic Violation Laws in Florida

Florida is one of the more highly populated states in the United States. This means that at any given point in time, you must share the roadway with a number of other drivers. In order to ensure your own safety as well as the safety of others, please be aware of traffic violation laws and the steps you can take to avoid citations and remain in control of your own actions.

Knowing Traffic Violation Laws

Like in any other jurisdiction, there are many traffic violation laws in Florida. These are meant to bring safety to the roadways that see millions of drivers each and every year. One great step you can take to remain within the law is to maintain your vehicle carefully and conscientiously. Fix any problems as they occur instead of putting off to another time. When driving, be aware not only of your own actions, but also of the cars around you. While it may seem that you can "get away" with certain violations like speeding or going through a light after it has already turned from yellow to red, be aware that a police officer may be watching your every more.

If You Are Pulled Over

If you are pulled over, you should carefully think about your own actions and how they have contributed to being pulled over. When approached by the detaining police officer, have your paperwork necessary to hand over and act politely and courteously at all times. Once the police officer has explained the reason you were stopped, offer any explanations you may have in a non-confrontational manner, and ask any clarification questions you feel are necessary. Once you have received your cited, carefully steer back onto the roadway and be ever more vigilant of your actions.

After Your Citation

After you have received a citation for breaking traffic violation laws in Florida, several things could occur. You could plead guilty and pay your fine right off the bat, and then be subject to the addition of points to your license and the possible rise in your insurance rates. If you wish to take a driver's safety course, this could help to lower the cost of your ticket and perhaps avoid points. If you feel that your citation is not correct, you can also hire an attorney and fight it in court.

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